"A formal statement testifying of someone’s character and qualifications.” I am not sure how formal this is going to be, but you can be sure it will definitely testify to the character and qualifications of the entire We Smile Dental staff.

My family has been part of the We Smile family for a little over ten years. I would not say we are patients, because from the first consultation for my daughter’s braces with Dr. Morgan, the entire staff has treated us as such. Since becoming part of the We Smile family, we have made so many recommendations to other family members, and well the family has grown.

Although We Smile is not in the Pediatric dentistry, we opted for our toddler’s first dental consult to be with them. From the initial welcome committee, led by Jessica, to the attempted cleaning by ZuZu, it was an amazing and non-traumatizing experience for our toddler. They truly show their passion for what they do and the importance of making the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

In March of 2017, we had a bittersweet moment. My company had provided an opportunity to relocate to the Sunshine state of Florida. It was an opportunity that we could not pass up and one of our first thoughts was the disappointment of leaving our We Smile family. Nonetheless, we are 1300 miles apart but continue to be part of the We Smile family! Whenever I am in Chicago on business or pleasure, we contact them and they find a way to fit us into their schedule. Of course, the visit becomes a time to catch up on experiences and many laughs.

The We Smile Dental family truly stands by their name because every visit begins with smiling, laughing, and ends with even brighter smiles, pun intended.

I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the We Smile dental family, and you too will soon make them part of your extended family.

-The Villanueva’s

I came to We Smile after bad experiences elsewhere, and I can say that everyone from the Doctors to the office staff here have made coming to the dentist a pleasant experience. They work with my schedule, and are extremely accommodating. I feel that the work they do is great. Dr. Matke is not only a great guy; you can tell by the way he treats his employees, but he is also an extremely skilled technician. In fact, all of the hygienist's are fantastic in that regard, as well. I've been to a lot of dentists (maybe floss more, try brushing after all those beer and pizza nights, and don't eat skittles for breakfast, idiot- is what I'd tell my twenty something year old self if I could) but We Smile makes me feel very safe and comfortable with my current treatment plan. I recommend We Smile to all my friends and family. Five stars!

-John H

I had been looking for a reliable dentist for a while now and this place has been right by my house for years, so I decided to give this place a go. I have recently been experiencing some tooth pain and scheduled myself an appointment with the staff at We Smile Dental. I came in and Dr. Matke identified that the issue was with a wisdom tooth and he gave some options for treatment, one of which was extraction. He even told me he could it right then and there. So we went ahead and did that and I saw them again on Monday for a cleaning. The hygienist was very nice and I spoke again to Dr. Matke about future dental work. Very nice, personable guy. This place is great and provides excellent customer service for their patients. I would highly recommend giving this place a chance if you are seeking a dentist or some dental work.

-Raynold C.

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